Brand Content

How can we solve the annoying call center problem without being rude with the operators?
Or, even better, taking care of their needs and feelings?
Easy: by creating the Call center of call centers, a toll-free number dedicated to the operators, that can finally talk to people that really do want to listen to their offers.
Made by Gigaset in order to promote their brand new cordless phone with the special “DO NOT DISTURB” feature.

Agency: The Big Now
Creative director: Stefano Morelli
Copywriter: Paolo Platania
Art directors: Alessandro Bigi, Davide Bodano

Production company: The Big Angle
Directed by Flavio Nani
DP: Edoardo Emanuele
Producer: Raffaella Costa
Set designer: Paola Martinotti
Stylist: Lucia Gallone
Music and sound design: Alessio Zanin
Color grading: Daniel Pallucca